Kids ‘invent’ a smart stove

I mentor a group of kids aged 11-13 in Lego Robotics for the First Lego League (FLL). They are competing tomorrow in a ‘regional’ competition since they did well enough in the San Francisco competition to move on. A huge part of the competition is that they have to invent something that solves a problem around the theme – and this year it’s “Senior Solutions.” They do ALL the work. I mentor, but it’s all them.

The decided that seniors leaving the stove on and risking a kitchen fire was a problem, and they invented a smart stove to help make that more safe. They even built a Lego Robot prototype to show that using an IR sensor you can detect if the stove gets too hot and turn it off (they used after market parts from Dexter Industries for that part, which is OK by the rules since it’s not part of their mission robot). But they needed to share their idea with a big audience, so they decided to make a web page. All I did for them was spin up a web server and copy files across. It’s all their work.

So, if you’d like to help out some 11 year old kids, go take a peek at the one page website they made. The product is called the SmartStove.  They need to say how many folks have read about it, so I installed an awstats page.  We’re at about 126 as of this morning.  We have only today to get viewers.  Will you help spread the word?  It would have been nice if they got the web page done earlier, but hey, they are 11.  Minecraft and Halo 4 is still a huge distraction, as was sports and homework.

So please, take a minute and go read it!

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