Back to the Mac

I undid it. I’m still using my desktop (mostly remotely) and I do love my Lenovo X1 Carbon. But my primary machine is back to the Mac Book Pro.

I travel a lot. I’m back and forth to Mexico and in the UK at least four times a year. I grew less and less comfortable with the durability of the X1 Carbon. I also found that using Office365 apps in a browser WORKS but it’s not especially optimal yet. There were a lot of things that were just hard.

The biggest thing is that I wanted a bullet-proof solid machine and the Mac is that. So it’s back to that.

I’ve also ditched Ubuntu yet again, for all the same reasons as before. I installed Debian (again) and it just works. It’s predictable, it does not do weird shit with every update, and I don’t have to de-install all the crap snap stuff.

So in some ways, it’s just back to the past, settling into the tools I’ve used for years.

Nothing new here. These are not the droids you’re looking for.