About me


This is a short list of projects I am currently working on (or have built and am actively using):

  • GoNetMon - Network use visualization writting in GoLang, using Prometheus and Kibana

  • ouilookup - CLI tool written in go to look up the vendor for a given MAC address

  • PiBlaster-MQTT - port of PiBlaster to use MQTT instead of a local charachter device

  • goxb_mqtt - native go code that reads from an XBox™ controller (using libusb) and sends events over MQTT

  • rbot-js - Javascript implementation to read from an MQTT queue tied to goxb_mqtt and send the commands off to an RBOT running PiBlaster-MQTT


I am a volunteer coach for VEX team 8255 at Sacred Heart Cathedral High School in San Francisco. I maintain some projects there to help kids do robotics development.