Playing like it was summer (but with an ESP32)

Been awhile, head spinning, took some time to just play.

Been doing too much other things that clouded my head. Not bad, but I just wanted something to poke at for me. You know. Just something I wanted to play with. I’m not 9 years old, but I felt like it earlier. I just wanted to play.

So I cracked open something that arrived before the pandemic. It’s another ESP32 variant board, this time the ESP32-OEM-EA from Olimex. It’s basically a POE ESP32 with Wifi/BLE.

I have no idea if I’m going to build something with this, but my son got accepted into the GLEE Moon Mission project and will be building a 5 gram sensor board that goes to the moon. So what the hell? I may need to brush off the dust on some of these tools and skills to help him, so let’s play with the toys that make me forget what time it is and take me back to why I wanted to do this career in the first place.

That’s it. Nothing to speak of. Made a clean build vagrant. Installed tools. Hello world running.

For a little while, it was like summertime as a kid again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it actually do something.

In the meantime, it’s just a hello summer (er, hello world). And who knows, maybe all my spirals will bring me back to this for my project on the pool and weather station. Back to the future, again. -p /dev/ttyUSB0 monitor
Executing action: monitor
Running idf_monitor in directory /home/gherlein/esp/hello_world
Executing "/home/gherlein/.espressif/python_env/idf5.0_py3.9_env/bin/python /home/gherlein/esp/esp-idf/tools/ -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 --toolchain-prefix xtensa-esp32-elf- --target esp32 --revision 0 /home/gherlein/esp/hello_world/build/hello_world.elf -m '/home/gherlein/.espressif/python_env/idf5.0_py3.9_env/bin/python' '/home/gherlein/esp/esp-idf/tools/' '-p' '/dev/ttyUSB0'"...
--- idf_monitor on /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 ---
--- Quit: Ctrl+] | Menu: Ctrl+T | Help: Ctrl+T followed by Ctrl+H ---
ets Jul 29 2019 12:21:46

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:2
0x40080400: _init at ??:?

entry 0x40080698
I (27) boot: ESP-IDF v5.0-dev-2586-ga82e6e63d9 2nd stage bootloader
I (27) boot: compile time 17:26:57
I (27) boot: chip revision: 3
I (32) boot_comm: chip revision: 3, min. bootloader chip revision: 0
I (39) boot.esp32: SPI Speed      : 40MHz
I (43) boot.esp32: SPI Mode       : DIO
I (48) boot.esp32: SPI Flash Size : 2MB
I (53) boot: Enabling RNG early entropy source...
I (58) boot: Partition Table:
I (62) boot: ## Label            Usage          Type ST Offset   Length
I (69) boot:  0 nvs              WiFi data        01 02 00009000 00006000
I (76) boot:  1 phy_init         RF data          01 01 0000f000 00001000
I (84) boot:  2 factory          factory app      00 00 00010000 00100000
I (91) boot: End of partition table
I (95) boot_comm: chip revision: 3, min. application chip revision: 0
I (103) esp_image: segment 0: paddr=00010020 vaddr=3f400020 size=0752ch ( 29996) map
I (122) esp_image: segment 1: paddr=00017554 vaddr=3ffb0000 size=02628h (  9768) load
I (126) esp_image: segment 2: paddr=00019b84 vaddr=40080000 size=06494h ( 25748) load
I (139) esp_image: segment 3: paddr=00020020 vaddr=400d0020 size=14470h ( 83056) map
I (169) esp_image: segment 4: paddr=00034498 vaddr=40086494 size=04d74h ( 19828) load
I (177) esp_image: segment 5: paddr=00039214 vaddr=50000000 size=00010h (    16) load
I (183) boot: Loaded app from partition at offset 0x10000
I (183) boot: Disabling RNG early entropy source...
I (198) cpu_start: Pro cpu up.
I (198) cpu_start: Starting app cpu, entry point is 0x40080ffc
0x40080ffc: call_start_cpu1 at /home/gherlein/esp/esp-idf/components/esp_system/port/cpu_start.c:152

I (0) cpu_start: App cpu up.
I (212) cpu_start: Pro cpu start user code
I (212) cpu_start: cpu freq: 160000000 Hz
I (212) cpu_start: Application information:
I (217) cpu_start: Project name:     hello_world
I (222) cpu_start: App version:      1
I (226) cpu_start: Compile time:     May  7 2022 17:26:52
I (232) cpu_start: ELF file SHA256:  9a1087598344f7b8...
I (238) cpu_start: ESP-IDF:          v5.0-dev-2586-ga82e6e63d9
I (245) heap_init: Initializing. RAM available for dynamic allocation:
I (252) heap_init: At 3FFAE6E0 len 00001920 (6 KiB): DRAM
I (258) heap_init: At 3FFB2F10 len 0002D0F0 (180 KiB): DRAM
I (265) heap_init: At 3FFE0440 len 00003AE0 (14 KiB): D/IRAM
I (271) heap_init: At 3FFE4350 len 0001BCB0 (111 KiB): D/IRAM
I (277) heap_init: At 4008B208 len 00014DF8 (83 KiB): IRAM
I (285) spi_flash: detected chip: generic
I (288) spi_flash: flash io: dio
W (292) spi_flash: Detected size(4096k) larger than the size in the binary image header(2048k). Using the size in the binary image header.
I (306) cpu_start: Starting scheduler on PRO CPU.
I (0) cpu_start: Starting scheduler on APP CPU.
Hello world!
This is esp32 chip with 2 CPU core(s), WiFi/BT/BLE, silicon revision 3, 2MB external flash