Bristlemouth Dev Kit Delayed - Customs Woes

I’ve been accepted into the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program. I’ve been granted a SOFAR Spotter with a Development Kit. Unfortunately it was detained in customs due to it’s high invoiced value. I required a “customs agent” to clear it - which I did not have.

It looks like it will have to be returned to SOFAR. They are aware of the problem and are engaged to help. But the net effect is that I won’t get the kit for awhile - probably another few weeks.

Patience was never my strong suite.

In Other News

On the other hand, I met a guy here that is hooked up with scientists actually doing research around communicationg with whales. So progress on one front.

And, [Hackaday}() published a new article on “Keeping Watch Over The Oceans with Data Buoys” that is quite pertinent to what I’m playing with. Thanks Scott for the link!

More to come…