Bristlemouth Dev Kit May Not Happen

The SOFAR Spotter with Development Kit may not be able to get to me. There’s some legal paperwork that I don’t have - that may be quite expensive to get. Import/Export laws are a pain.

SOFAR was nice enough to hook me up with their agent and pay the duties. But I need to have a business license in Mexico to import. I don’t have one, and getting one likely requires me to have other conditions met and would make me liable for taxes here. For a personal hobby project this may not be viable.

I’ve got a few ideas still, but I was likely premature blogging about this before I actually had the hardware in hand. I should have learned from my time on the Research Vessel Atlantis.

R/V Atlantis and Alvin, circa 1997 when I was onboard

We constantly had import problems and the ship’s agent was routinely dealing with getting things through customs. I worried about that but SOFAR said they could handle it.

I’m hopeful, but let’s wait and see! There’s not much I can do about it.