Changes - Ending 2020

As 2020 thankfully winds down, I leave Cisco and join AWS.

Like most of us, I cannot wait to see 2020 in my rear-view mirror. There is plenty of reason to be hopeful that perhaps, just perhaps, 2021 will be a breakout year that really overcomes so much. Most of that I have zero influence over - what happens, happens. One thing I could do though is make a job change. And I did. After six years I left Cisco and joined Amazon AWS.


Without really going into the details it was time. My new role puts me closer to customers and closer to building real cloud technology. And Amazon really lives by their Leadership Principles. No really. So many friends who have gone to AWS attest to that, and while I’ve only been here a few weeks I can tell you it’s true. That was - and is - a huge draw for me.


So what will I be doing? I’ll be managing a team of Solution Architects helping Small and Medium-sized customers in the Western Region. Our task is to help customers adopt and scale with AWS. I’ll post more about that later, but it’s really a simple task: help customers. It plays right to all the cloud-beliefs that I hold so dear, and I’m delighted to get to do this… at scale. You can read my prior posts for more information on Solution Architecture.

What’s Next?

You can expect me to blog more about things I am doing to stay current in AWS tech. Some of the things I am planning to play around with now include:

I actually have all that hardware now, it’s just TIME that I could use more of. I look forward to playing with all this in the context of really, really using all of AWS to the fullest.

Holiday Wishes, and 2021

This year, more than any other year, has reinforced to me how all of us are more alike than it would appear from watching the media. Don’t trust Facebook or social media. Don’t trust the media to convey the actual sentiment of people. Remember that all of them are selling. Most often it’s you and your eyeballs. Pick up the phone and call your friends. COVID has isolated us even more than politics has. Bridge those gaps. And when the vaccine is available let’s all get together and talk more. First about our kids. Our hopes. Our dreams. We all want the same things. Maybe we can all work TOGETHER to make some of them true.

I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and may 2021 bring us all health and prosperity - and a lot of love.