MacOS Ventura - How to set network order

Apple moved things around in the Network tab in System Settings. Here’s how to set network order.

MacOS Ventura did again what Apple loves to do: change things. I swear, there’s Product Managers everywhere that just live to change things. I don’t see how anything they did made anything better with the new layout - other than hide things. The dumbing down of interfaces continues.

If you want to set the priority order of networks you just need to “right-click” on one of the networks and you will get a pop-up dialog allowing you to “Set Service Order.”

If you are using the trackpad it’s “ctrl-click” by the way. I always forget that.

The Apple Support page on this is flat out wrong, and others asking on Reddit made me think it had been removed and I was furious. But alas, not removed. Just hidden.

For no damn good reason.