Book Review: Linux for Networking Professionals

Tl;dr: read the web instead of Linux for Networking Professionals. This book is a broad, shallow coverage that is probably more easily learned from web pages for free.

I love networking. I love Linux. So I was pretty excited to read Linux for Networking Professionals.

Short review: don’t waste your money or your time. There’s nothing here, really, that you cannot get reading web pages. I was hoping for some in-depth material but it’s basically just shallow treatment of the basics. Maybe I’ve been doing this too long.

Who This Book is For

If you are new to Linux and perhaps come from a networking background and you want a fast overview, this book might be a good fit. But it’s really a ‘100’ level treatment in my opinion and you will find yourself going to the web to read more anyway. Why not just start there.

Better Recommendations

The book basically was just operational commands. If that’s all you want, go here:

For deeper information, here’s a few good pages:

And while it’s not Linux-specific, the bible for understanding networking:

I should have known. Oh well, at least Amazon let me return it.