Whale Song Update

A short update on my whale song project: it’s delayed. Need to sort out some legal stuff.

Short answer: the Bristlemouth “standard” has some patents and the licensing of those is not clear. It’s not even documented. It’s hanging out there like impending doom.

Also, the license agreement to use the SOFAR communicaitons backend states that they own the data you move across it. Also a sense of impending doom.

I have written SOFAR and asked for clarity. They said the needed to loop in higher than just the support folks (makes sense). It’s been a few weeks and no answer yet so I am assuming it will be a while.

Also, I am not sure that cell or satellite is the right answer. Looking over radio options I renewed my interest in Amateur (HAM) Radio. Looks like I may be playing with radio technology before I do the whale song project.

Stand by! More to come. Remember that it’s all about learning for me anyway!