Goodbye Twitter

After 13.5 years I’m no longer using Twitter.

Why Now?

Elon. That’s the core of it. There’s every indication he will do what he says and allow hate to take over the platform. The thing most (WhiteNationalists/GOP/GQP) don’t understand about free speech is that you are not free to lie with impunity. Just like you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theatre, you also can’t spew hate that then inspires violence and have zero consequenes. If Twitter banned you, it was because you violated their stated policies. Elon didn’t like it and had $44 BILLION dollars so he bought the platform so he could allow the hate. Makes you wonder how he was raised, no?

Trump lost. That’s an established fact that anyone that actually looks at the evidence understands. It’s been tested in court dozens of times - and every single time Trump lost the case. The election was not stolen. Trump being allowed to go back on Twitter is a danger to our country - at least to the chance of civilized conversation. The fact that Elon wants to let him back on is enough to leave.

But I also am just tired of blocking all the liars. Every day there’s another person spewing hate and lies. It’s made it impossible to do what I like to do on Twitter: follow interesting tech trends and people, and stay in touch with people I share interests with.

It’s actually pretty shitty to lose Twitter. I already deleted my Facebook account years ago, after also leaving it for a time. It’s just filled with hate. I have no time for all the hate. I’m tired of ugly people being nasty to others because of the color of their skin, or where they came from, or what language they speak, or who they are sexually attracted to. Those are not reasons to hate someone. Those are reasons to get to know someone, and learn from them. It’s our differences that make the world interesting. Why can’t most folks just mind their own damn business?


Who knows. I know I don’t have the energy for the hate I expect on Twitter. So I just won’t log on there for a long while. I think we will all know more about how things are going to play out after the mid-terms.

And if things go sideways with a lot of hate I’ll delete my Twitter account. For now, it’s there. I just don’t want to go read it.

Staying in Touch

So clearly no more DMs on Twitter. My linkedIn is to the left, you can send me a message there. I don’t want to put a direct email link but you can reach me at

gherlein <at>

That’s been my email address since forever ago. I don’t actually know when, but I’ve had that domain since before Y2K. If you want to find me on the Internet, you can. Just no hate please.