Mac and Chrome HotKeys

A simple hotkey extension in Chrome that makes my life easier.

I use a Mac as my regular desktop. I do use a Linux Desktop for some things, and I’ve written about that before. But my daily work machine is a Mac Book Pro - one of the newer 2020 16" models that actually has a real keyboard again.

I use virtual desktops and I have a scheme. Outlook stuff on desk 1, Chrome on 2, main working App on 3, etc. Usually some kind of monitoring app on 4. I use dual monitors too, and my IM apps are all on my left monitor. Whatever. That’s just how I do it. I use the great Stay app to keep things where I want them.

During the day I am constantly flipping back and forth in virtual desktops using “Ctrl-left-or-right-arrow” to change desktops. If you saw my open Chrome you would see that I have a LOT of tabs open. A lot. Probably 30. Some things I am actively using, some I will get back to, some I actually forgot I had them open. This morning I have a set I am using to learn about AWS Robomaker including some workshop pages as well as the actual AWS console pages (several of those). It’s really annoying to not be able to easily change browser tabs as easily as I can change virtual desktops…

Only I can.

Install this Chrome Extension and then pick your hot keys . I have mine set to go left and right tab with “Ctrl-Shift-left-or-right-arrow” so that it’s minimal difference for my fingers on the keyboard. Your choice may differ.

But this is a seemingly minor but wonderfully amazing little hack that makes me more efficient and happy. Maybe it can help you too.