iTerm2 Paste Buffers on MacOS/OSX - how to increase size

Quick reminder: how to increase the copy-paste buffers size in iTerm2.

Recently I was taking some SQL statements that had been sent to me in a spreadsheet (don’t ask) and pasting them into their own files so I could check them into git. Some of the table create statements were REALLY big (again, don’t ask). For many of them I could only paste the first part… which at first I didn’t understand. I thought maybe there was some control code in the text that was getting read by the terminal. I was wrong.

Turns out there is a relatively small buffer by default, and it’s not hard to increase it.


defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 QuickPasteBytesPerCall -int 4096
defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 QuickPasteDelayBetweenCalls -float 0.01

Credits to these two posts:

StackExchange iTerm2 Documentation