Where am I? Summer!

My family is vaccinated, thank goodness, and summer is here. My daughter graduated high school. My son is home from college. I have projects in the hopper . but alas, not done yet. Summer is in the way.

Just as a note, I am disillusioned with the ESP8266 and ESP32 boards I got for some of these projects. They have already died in the summer weather. 100F is not that hot, but damn, these clone boards just seem to die. The WiFi at least… just, gone. It definitely makes me wonder if I had it right before with the Raspberry Pi Zero W. No development speedup by using Tasmota, but at least the hardware seems more reliable. And frankly, the development is linux. Easy. No FreeRTOS or embedded foo to worry about.

But Summer beckons. The urgency for the solar pool heater is diminished because the dang pool is 91F with no help at all… and there are a few other boring home repair tasks that need doing. I’ll get to it. As they say in Mexico: ma├▒ana - the second meaning. Which means “not today!”

Happy Summertime all. I hope you can get out of the house and safely enjoy.